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forest consulting provides environmental consulting on:  
  • sustainability
  • natural resource management
  • forest related issue
Service portfolio includes:
  • project management
  • research support
  • communication
  • environmental & forest policy advice
  • marketing of sustainable forest products
  • environment and nature conservation
Advocacy at the 4th Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE), together with the minister of the Netherlands.
Competences in:
  • sustainable forest management (SFM)
  • chain-of-custody certification
  • international trade
  • environmental & forest policy
  • forests & climate change
  • wildlife management
Climate change challenges sustainable forest management, as risk of forest fires and other damages increases.
Illegal Logging
4con forest consulting supported WWF in rating the EU governments’ commitments and actions against illegal logging. Most European governments are still failing to take any real action to tackle illegal logging and don't implement the EU's Action Plan on Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade (FLEGT) successfully.
State of the World's Forests
A new 4con forest consulting study carried out on behalf of WWF Switzerland shows that destruction of tropical rainforest continues at an unchanged rate - with dramatic impacts on climate, people and nature. Forest destruction produces up to a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. Beyond the tropics, there has been a significant loss of old-growth forests and the replacement of natural forests and woodlands with single-species plantations that provide few of the environmental, ecological and social benefits of native forests.
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